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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  December 24, 2014 3:00pm-3:31pm PST

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it's coming out of the car wash squeaky clean. >> a snowballer is about to see an avalanche. the stunning sight when he races to the rescue. >> a die-hard seahawks fans gets age. >> how the team made this duet's life. >> oh! >> that is crazy. >> how to get your sparkle ball on for a quick festive fix. >> a dude goes christmas
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carolling in l.a. >> moonlighting is the least of his problems. ♪ weather outside is frightful ♪ >> you take your car washing seriously in the states. a couple go weird quickly. >> it is bit weird. it's like going through a passage to another dimension. >> they start cleaning it up. they get inside the car and that's when things go wrong. >> i think the issue here is maybe they didn't know the engine is running. certainly the car moves forward. >> oh! >> until eventually it comes to a stop. i only know the details exactly what happened. suddenly you see somebody steering. they have a big impact. he comes through this open 24
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hours. >> i wonder if they accidentally knocked it into here. >> can you imagine one of the managers, we'll buff that right out. >> this isn't going to buff out. >> we have a video of the aftermath. the left hand side is bad. you see the other side. no buffing that out. the driver claims his car was totalled. >> if you get your car detailed, you don't expect in detail. >> this one coming out of australia. it's a crime. they are breaking the law. you see a pick-up truck. there are a couple of people in hoodies. they are up to no good. what they've got, they have an industrial vacuum cleaner. they plugged it into the plug there. they stuck it where you put coins in and they've turned on this vacuum cleaner and they just sucked all the money out.
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>> you see that on cartoons. >> they came back a week later. the guy is putting it in again and sucking hundreds and hundreds of dollars of coins and tokens out. >> the quote from the police, "it's unique to see a man vacuuming anything. if anybody can identify this guy, let the police know." >> these guys are out snowballing, having a good old time. they decided to switch. what this guy didn't go he was going to take out his friend and his machine. you see his buddy on top of that hill. before you know it, he is sliding down. you see him disappear into the
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snow. you see him. then he rides over. the friend is totally fine. >> he was slipping around. >> it wasn't big. >> he had his avalanche air bag. >> even though it was a small snowfall that air bag worked perfectly. you don't see the snowball at all. you see that guy. >> as you get close you see how big the chunks are. >> in june this thing will be out of there. >> william chapman is at work and that includes being on this quiet, still, what looks like a lake. no, no, no. something is in the water. >> big pod of orcas playing
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around the southern tip of anderson island. >> awesome day of work. >> holy -- whoa! >> so close you can see them go underneath the boat. >> oh, dear. >> wow. >> they are bigger than the boat. they are bigger than the boat. and there's more than one. >> they are following me around now, i guess. >> let's go under the sea for this next video. you know how cats love laser pointers. they are following that light. >> it's like a moth to a flame. it's a new thing. >> we are mesmerized by it, too. >> dash cam footage from thailand. this car is about to pull up to
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an intersection. people on motor scooters. watch this guy pulls up. he slipped right into that truck. he hits right into that tire of that truck and flips right into the bed. this fellow pulls over to get out to say, you okay? >> in australia. you are never going to guess what happening next. >> kangaroos? >> no. >> wallabies? >> no. a giant branch falls out of a free, lands on one of the cyclists. >> it was a koala.
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>> the guy was banged up and bruised. he's nervous about getting back on the bike. you see workers over here doing what look like work on this giant tree. as you can tell, it doesn't look like they blocked off the road or have any caution tape up. >> watch what happens to the tree. that was bad. >> it barely missed the cyclist fell. fell down into what looks like construction uient. dude wants to sell you his
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whitewater rafting is getting caught up in the rapids. that's what's happening here. >> you see this guy. he ought to know how to navigate in rapid but he gets tossed around.
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he gets shot down the river. >> if this is your guy, do you ask for your money back? sxwrshgs everybody makes mistakes. >> the guy was rescued safely down stream. this is what it's supposed to look like when it goes well. >> that looks fun. >> i would be watching from the side. >> you'll go skydiving, but won't do this? >> not without a hair net.
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>> he's been do iing fun passin. >> looks like he's using butter milk batter. >> it's mesmerizing. i can't wait till they flip it over. >> this is the diy sparkle ball. >> i already created one half of the ball for you. >> it's you are taking christmas lights sticking them in a plastic cup.
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>> you can use this as decoration and change the colors. add a strobe effect. it's endless the ideas. >> crafty people amaze me. >> people selling motor bikes on the internet.eets to make a movie trailer. he's trying to sell his 2005 yam ma. >> comes from chrome finish on the beastly dude engine.
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>> this bike almost killed three people. >> that is not a selling point. >> maybe they should have kept that out of the ad. >> but it's not correct. >> he didn't say it was cursed. you can see it on craigslist for sale in los angeles. >> he looks like he kept nice care of it. >> it's 1500 for cash. somebody will have a merry christmas. >> buy it or don't. can you handle a life of shame and regret? can you? >> taking flight got festive. >> people roll up to a surprise. >> magic meters. >> the cool n
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they have done other stuff like this before. >> would you confuse you on a highway? >> not the only flying christmas tree. this it an artificial tree the phonings lifted that things into the air. >> they landed perfectly still. >> it's funny what people spend their team doing. >> if you don't have a christmas tree. >> i want to fly a christmas try. fly it right into the house. park it. done. >> fly it out whenever you're done. >> that would be a great thing for christmas.
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>> christmas came early for a seattle seahawks fan. >> november 15th i went to the seattle game in kansas city. i was walking around town the day before. i ran into this girl and she saw shy seahawks jacket and asked if she could take a picture in it? i said why. she said she wanted to show it to her boyfriend. >> she said she was robert turbin's girlfriend. he is a running back. this guy we are going to call him out. alex says -- >> could i possibly get something signed by robert? >> she said sure. call me after the game. my phone died. i tried to get hold of her. i couldn't. one month later i get a package. from the seattle seahawks. >> his son cooper is helping
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open the box. watch what comes out of that box. >> hi, alex. i'm sorry you weren't able to meet rob. rob was generous enough to get the team to autograph this seahawks -- >> oh, that is crazy. >> it is a seattle seahawks helmet signed by every single member of the team. alex is overcome. he has man tears. >> at the very end he is so crazy emotional. >> thank you, devon. thank you, thank you, thank you.
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>> the weather outside is frightful. >> going carolling goes south. ant to see it all head
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over to >> porsche has been building some of the sexiest cars and believe no matter what you drive, you should feel like you look good it in. so they teamed up with a cool firm and they created the manlic mirror. they installed it in a mall in l.a. no matter what car they were driving, they made it look like you were driving the brand-new porsche. >> are you kidding? that's awesome. >> there you go. these girls in a mini cooper look like they are in a porsche. they want you to know how good it would look. >> that is a great marketing tool. there was a mercedes there. i look better in a porsche than
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mercedes. >> this is clever. >> lots of people taking pictures. >> they got a lot of mileage. >> you know that christmas carol i ing. he shows up to people's homes and starts singing. ♪ all i want for christmas is you ♪ ♪ i don't ask a lot for christmas ♪ >> what was that four seconds? ♪ the weather outside is frightful ♪ >> they keep shutting the door in his face. >> is that the police?
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>> this time actually thought there was something wrong with this guy. they called the police. >> says he's carolling but doesn't know the words of any song. >> police do come. >> no one ever called the cops on me. >> fortunately he has a good christmas spirit. figures out it's probably all okay. >> you want me to sing you a song? >> that's okay. >> fortunately he goes to one more home. ♪ santa baby i've been an awfully good guy this year ♪ ♪ and this christmas time shoot. i don't know that one. >> let me get my husband. >> she is the sweetest lady on this planet.
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>> i love this. >> you don't have to tipme >> giv him cash and hees it. all right. thank you. >> work out a little bit more on some of the words. >> that's it for us here at "right this minute." thanks for joining us. see you next time. female announcer: it's time to make room for the new mattress models!
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a cow is struck in a construction pit filled with water. >> rescuers rolled out all the stops to make the save. >> tandem paragliders. the scary moment they let it rip. >> the whole family is outdoors waiting for the party to start with a boom. >> why they were not disappointed. it's madison's


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